Hello, I'm Shane

... Otherwise known as a variety of versions of the word "Wanderer" (I really like that word)
Self-taught software developer with a passion for making neat things that work, at your service *tips fedora*.

I have experience with the following (To various extents)

  • C# ... .NET Core, Entity Framework, NUnit, Moq, Visual Studio TestFramework ... (Nuget)
  • JavaScript / node.js ... React, Redux, Express, jQuery ... (npm)
  • TypeScript ... TS React, Angular, Ionic FrameWork, ... (^)
  • Java... Java EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JUnit; some Android, ... (Maven & Gradle)
  • C++ ... Modern RAII C++ & can work around old/legacy C++ too if needed 😛; Qt ...
  • PHP ... Zend Framework, Wordpress; Apache Apache, nginx ... (packagist)
  • C
  • Python
  • CSS3, HTML5
  • Various SQL implementations (MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, ... you name it)
  • Various NoSQL databases (particularly MongoDB, DynamoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ) I realise it is debateable whether or not some of these qualify as traditional "databases" necessarily
  • Docker is cool
  • Experience with cloud services & serverless applications (AWS, Azure)
  • Various linux-distro-based servers & Windows servers ... CentOS, Ubuntu, MS Windows Server, Debian, I'll throw in Alpine for the Docker angle, ...
  • Cross-platform Mobile Development
  • Touched some assembly before (MIPS) -- Would certainly be fine with working a bit further in that direction with more complex x86 family sets

Otherwise, I have some history of doing other, unrelated stuff. Here's a list of that

Other stuff I've worked on

  • Graphic Design ... banners, flyers, ads, packaging design, instruction manuals, web & mobile app design, ...
  • Digital Illustration
  • Staff management of a fairly large team of volunteers
  • Some experience in commercial translations (English, Russian, Dutch)